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Finnair Business Services OÜ in Tartu, Estonia

Ambitious service unit operating for Finnair Group

Finnair Business Services (FBS) is an Estonian company located in Tartu, Estonia. Tartu as a city is a small yet buzzling center of university students and a hub for innovation and science.

FBS is fully owned by and belongs to Finnair Group, the flagship airline of Finland with extensive international operational network and recognized and awarded high-quality service. We work for the whole Finnair Group in wide areas covering business operations support, finance and digital teams of excellence.

We have currently around 200 employees and offer various career paths and positions on different levels enabling our employees to contribute and to grow professionally.

Finnair Business Services is on a mission to be a great service provider and a great place to work. Our team of talents has high ambition level to constantly improve and Tartu as location gives us beautiful surroundings. We are happy to welcome you to join!

        - Riitta Lankinen, Head of FBS

Our services
  • Financial accounting

  • Business control support

  • Systems development

  • Travel retail management

  • Customer service support

  • Capacity maintenance

  • Business analytics

  • Sourcing and procurement

  • Robotic process automation

  • Digital content creation

  • Engineering services

  • People and culture

  • Quality Assurance

Finnair Business Services’ operations extended to digital expertise in 2019-2021

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