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Finnair Business Services is the perfect workplace for those who want to learn, develop, grow and be part of a great team and organisation. 

Our wide service scope includes everything from financial accounting, customer support and HR to digital services and engineering. The positions range from entry-level roles to more specialised positions. Many of our employees also work in collaboration with different teams and the whole Finnair Group. We currently have around 200 employees.

Career in Financial Services

Our finance teams play a fundamental role in Finnair by carrying the responsibility over the totality of financial accounting of the group.

The Record to Report team is in charge of financial accounting and statutory reporting activities for Finnair Group companies. The team also participates in the preparation of the stock exhange releases, other financial reports for third parties and also supports internal management reporting.

The Aviation Charges team reviews and analyses operational costs, ensuring that costs are accurately invoiced according to agreements. The main responsibilities of this team are handling purchase invoices, reporting, monthly closing activities and updating prices.

In the Order to Cash team, the tasks include invoicing, monitoring open items, handling payments, and joining in monthly closing activities. There are many different roles working together to ensure that the incoming cash flow is managed effectively.

The Source to Pay team is responsible for processing purchase invoices of Finnair Group companies. Communication with internal and external partners and suppliers is also an important part of your daily work in this team. The team prepares payments to suppliers and participates in monthly closing activities.

We also have people working as business and treasury controllers and in traffic reporting.

Career in Business Services

We have multiple teams working to ensure a smooth customer experience.

The Customer Relations team handles submitted feedback cases (regarding in-flight experience, ground experience, delayed or damaged baggage, flight irregularity, travel extras, etc.). From specifying the details of issues, replying to passengers and giving compensation according to Finnair rules and international regulations, they are an integral part of creating positive customer experiences for our travellers.

The Loyalty team manages the data and transactions of Finnair Plus customers by handling profile updates and adding missing Avios for flights and other partner services. Their tasks include handling upgrades and revalidating e-tickets, checking and approving the invoices of Loyalty partners, managing Loyalty partners’ masterdata and handling EU GDPR data access and removal requests.

The Reservation Support team creates bookings for cabin crew, cockpit crew and for other business purposes with special conditions. The team works to confirm special service requests both in individual and group bookings, such as passengers travelling with pets, excess baggage, wheelchairs or sports equipment, for example.

Career in Marketing and Sales

Digital Content is a cross-functional content creation and marketing automation development team. This team is responsible for producing content for different digital touchpoints at Finnair, which includes writing, translating, designing and testing content quality.

The mission of the Growth Marketing and Technology team is to create a direct digital relationship with our customers by being there at every stage of their journey. Team member roles’ include marketing, paid media performance, marketing automation and ad technology.

We also have hybrid teams working together internationally with chargebacks and payment protection. These teams also manage sales and drive Finnair's distribution strategy forward.

Career in Digital Services

Different digital services teams at FBS are responsible for the functionality and security of IT infrastructure, business applications and data platforms as well as end-user devices and their support.

At FBS, we are continuously searching for new digital, innovative solutions to simplify and add value to our processes. Cooperation between our digital development team, all other FBS teams and units outside FBS is active and rewarding. We apply lean methodology to constantly analyse opportunities and an agile approach for bringing them into production.

The Digital Services department participates in automation and creating services, tools and best practices for the use of the whole Finnair Group.

Career in People Services

The People Services team provides support to different Finnair units in HR data management tasks. They handle different employee absences, vacations, employment changes, and company assets and thus support the whole Finnair Group.

The People & Culture team works to ensure a positive employee experience at FBS, supporting employees at every step throughout their career.

Careers in our other teams

The Procurement team is responsible for the cost management of specified Finnair material and services spend, including supplier quality and supplier management. The team works in collaboration with our internal business partners.

The Security and Fraud team plays an important role in keeping flying safe, carrying out fraud prevention and performing security tasks.

The Master Data Management team maintains master data in financial and operational systems.

The Engineering Services team handles aircraft maintenance records, manages technical publications and maintains records indexing.

Additionally, several of our FBS employees have advanced within the company and now offer their professional contribution to Finnair Group in areas including business management and engineering, for example.

Internship at Finnair Business Services

We typically offer financial accounting internships during spring and summer periods.

Our financial internship program covers a wide area of financial accounting in an international company – from accounts payable and accounts receivable to period-end closing and financial reporting. It is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the fascinating world of aviation, as well as to work alongside professionals from different fields.

The duration of an internship is about 6 weeks or according to agreement. The internship is carried out in our office in Tartu.

„Participating in the internship program at FBS significantly broadened my horizons. I made new exciting acquaintances and gained valuable work experience. I greatly value my mentor, who was always helpful and provided me with a supportive shoulder for my concerns. As part of the internship program, I also had the opportunity to observe tasks from different fields within FBS. In my opinion, this was quite fascinating, as it allowed me to see what else is being worked on, what the tasks of others are, and what are the various fields within FBS.“ – Kätriin, summer intern in 2023

At FBS, we are committed to providing our interns with a supportive environment where you can learn, develop, and succeed. If you are interested in applying for an internship, contact our career team at

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