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Otto-Wilhelm Orumaa, Operations Excellence Manager

Everyone chooses their own career path, but I must say that at first, I was not sure of mine. I studied Business Administration and got my Master’s in finance. By now I can say that aviation is kind of “my” field. My educational background gave me valuable knowledge to begin my career, but there is always something to learn from daily events. 

"Working in the aviation field keeps providing new opportunities and ways to broaden my skills."

I started my career in Finnair Business Services in 2016 as a Cargo Revenue Management Specialist, which seemed like a challenging opportunity. My tasks contained a lot of on-the-go analysis and decision making. I had started my work path a couple of years earlier as an analyst, so moving to Finnair and to this position seemed like a great way to broaden my skills. It is worth taking on new challenges, as they might give you chances that you would have missed otherwise. For example, I have been able to build a new team from scratch as a team lead, gaining valuable leadership and recruitment experience.

By now, I have taken on the Operations Excellence Manager position for Finnair Technical Services. I plan to continue my career in the aviation industry and I enjoy working at Finnair as it embraces all the important values I have in my life as well. I feel that the company provides the foundation for strong and successful growth, both on an individual and a corporate level.

Mait Kaaver, NDC IT Product Expert

I have come a long way from where I started. I joined the company in 2016 as a Summer Talent. In that position, I was helping the Travel Retail team during the summer period, but when the season ended, I was offered the opportunity to stay in the team as an Accounting Specialist, which I of course accepted. After about a year, I became the expert of my team which gave me even more opportunities to learn and put my skills to the test.

I was interested in the company because of the industry – I studied aviation management in Estonian Aviation Academy. Even though my role in the company is different from my curriculum, I can still utilise the knowledge I gained during my studies and learn more about aviation every day.

Now I am working as NDC IT Product Expert, helping to bring New Distribution Capability to life. In addition to my daily tasks, I have participated in different development projects, helped to organise company events and carried out ideas that might bring something new and exciting to Finnair Business Services. 

"This is probably one of the coolest things about working in FBS – being able to contribute your own ideas and often help them come to life, thus creating a positive effect on the whole company."

FBS truly is a perfect platform to start your career – it favours the bold and enthusiastic individuals who dare to have an open mind and wish to make a difference.

Margred Kõima, Business Manager in Finnair Cargo

Before starting in Finnair Business Services, I had mainly held temporary positions as summer jobs. By now I have been in Finnair Group for over seven years. I started as a Cargo Capacity Specialist and after a year, I was chosen for the Cargo Capacity Team Manager position. Another year passed and I applied for a temporary position in Finnair headquarters in Vantaa and was lucky to get it. As of now, I am working in Finland as a Business Manager in Finnair Cargo.

I feel that I have been fortunate to grow and develop in Finnair.

"When it comes to Finnair Group, I’m confident to say that the options for development are extremely good. If you followed my story, you know what I mean."

However, it is important to keep your eyes open about the vacancies and talk about your development wishes to your manager. It is not as impossible as you would think.

The work itself may not always feel just easy and smooth. I have had moments where I really needed to step out of my comfort zone and doubted whether I can succeed. Luckily, I have learned that things do go just fine at the end of the day. I am glad to have had the chance to face various challenges, because there’s nothing better than the feeling of having managed to finalise a big task!

Pille-Riin Riis, Quality Management Consultant

My path in FBS started over six years ago already when I joined the Global Corporate Sales and Customer Relations team. I feel like these fields sparked my interest in aviation and how everything works behind the scenes.

I found FBS because of my desire to travel to different places and meet new people, and what better company than a big airline to make some of my travelling dreams come true, whether for work or for leisure. I get to travel to our headquarters in Finland from time to time and meet our colleagues working there. Being a part of this company has made it easier for me to visit my friend in Switzerland, or to take my mother to London, a place she always dreamed of visiting.

In addition to travelling, I have a passion for working with people and creating a good environment for them to thrive and find their own paths. After a couple of years at FBS, I got the opportunity to work as a Team Lead. I also had the opportunity to build a new team from the ground up, which gave me great lessons on leadership, planning and wellbeing. I have now taken on even more responsibility as a Quality Management Consultant, working with several people and teams, not just my own. Because of this role I am discovering new traits in myself and seeing what else I am capable of. 

I feel like the main things that brought and kept me in FBS have stayed the same all these years. I get to travel and discover interesting places and I have the best colleagues. I have had so many opportunities during these past six years to better myself, to find out what I’m capable of and how I can be a better colleague. 

"Since the only constant in aviation is change, I know my career path to come will be interesting and full of meaningful changes."

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