Welcoming students in our office

In the previous month, we hosted student tours in our office in Tartu. Student groups from the University of Tartu and Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences visited us, catching a glimpse of our daily work. 

The students were given a tour of our office and info sessions about the behind-the-scenes work of the aviation industry. They learned more about the story of FBS, the different service areas of Finnair Group and the daily work experience. 

The goal of the visits was to provide an opportunity for students to connect theoretical knowledge with the practical applications and challenges of our industries. For example, our finance department lead gave an overview of accounting in an international company, talked the students through the closing of the reporting period (month, quarter, year) and presented Finnair Group's balance sheet and income statement. 

"We are always happy to welcome students into our workspace. It's a mutually beneficial experience, as we share our knowledge and passion for our work while the students gain insights that can shape their career paths," said Karina Kenk, Financial Services Manager

Additionally, some of our employees shared their experiences and career stories with the students, offering a deep dive into their day-to-day responsibilities, challenges, and rewarding aspects. For example, one group of students heard the career story of Kertu, who started as an accountant and has moved to a business development manager position. 

These interactive sessions allowed students to engage with professionals, ask questions, and better understand potential career paths within the aviation sector. These interactions also remind us about the importance of fostering the next generation of professionals. At FBS, we want to keep our commitment to nurturing talent and supporting the development of future professionals. As we continue to open our doors to students, we look forward to contributing to their educational – and perhaps professional – journey. 

In the spring and summer of 2024, FBS welcomes interns to financial accounting internships. If you want to apply for an internship or visit our office with a student group, contact our Career team at