Career options

Working at Finnair Business Services

Finnair Business Services offers a range of positions on several levels from easy-to-enter starting points to demanding professional and managerial positions. We have teams specialized in financial, digital, administrative and various business services.

Characteristics that would contribute to succeeding with us are accuracy, flexibility and being proactive. We value good team players and people who are willing to strive for common goals, yet can also perform as individuals. The work of each employee adds to our success as a company.


Even though Finnair is an airline business, it takes professionals in a variety of areas in addition to aviation. Our wide service scope varies from finance to customer support to digital services – having positions from junior specialist to expert to team lead to manager to developer. In addition to our daily work many of our employees can participate in different projects and contribute to the service improvements. Our diverse work community and different career options enable to create an interesting career and learn from the best of each field.

FBS organisation consists of different personalities in several various positions. Specialists, managers, team leaders, developers … Finance, business, systems and digital teams…
It is important for us to bring our people together. A group of great, active employees make it happen – sometimes just by grabbing coffees together with newcomers, but also in several joint activities from theme weeks and movie nights to annual great parties.
Have fun together - enjoy the daily work together!

Interesting industry

Finnair Business Services is the perfect working place for those who are ready to learn the difference between aviation and other industry fields and constantly develop our business in the ever-changing global environment.

Finnair is a growing aviation company with 98 years of history. While transitioning towards a digital company, we have top-notch development tools and methods and are continuously embracing new ideas and fresh views from digital experts to the fullest. We are a breathing organization that uses events to share and learn (e.g. hackathons, work shadowing, project work, co-operations with universities). In addition, we have a great mix of people with varying areas of expertise, nationalities and backgrounds. All this in the fascinating world of aviation business!

Supporting competence development and growth

Our people’s experience is extremely important to us. We want to help our employees to develop themselves at work, to grow in the direction that will support their passion and strengths. Our focus now is  even more on developing our competences in agile and lean ways of working and digitalisation.

Finnair Business Services has also development projects that the employees can take part in. Projects enable acquiring new skills and experiences as well as working together in a team with people from different departments. Employees can get leadership experience, challenge themselves and learn from colleagues. The projects are a chance to widen your knowledge and bring some diversity into the work routine. Additionally, in the next couple of years we will focus even more on developing our competences in customer experience and digitalisation.

Our company structure allows to grow into new positions both horizontally and vertically, whether it is inside FBS or elsewhere in Finnair Group.