Employee experiences and stories about working in FBS

Deciding the career and future path might be challenging. We want to make it easier for you to get the feeling of how it really is to work for us. Our employees share their thoughts on working in FBS. Continue reading below and find out their opinion and experiences with us.

Otto-Wilhelm Orumaa, Engineering Services Team Lead

Everyone chooses their own career path, but I must say that a couple of years back I still was not sure of mine. I studied Business Administration and got my master’s in Finance from the faculty of Economics at the University of Tartu. By now I would say that aviation is kind of “my” field. Educational background has given me valuable knowledge to start my career, but it definitely does not mean that there is nothing to learn from everyday events and opportunities. Therefore, continuous learning is something that I value myself and emphasize within my team and among other colleagues as well.

I started my career in Finnair Business Services in 2016 as a Cargo Revenue Management Specialist. Tasks contained a lot on-the-go analysis and decision making, which seemed a challenging opportunity. I had started my work path couple of years earlier as an analyst, so moving to Finnair and to this position seemed like a great way to broaden my skills - especially communication. It’s worth to take on new challenges, as they might give you chances what you otherwise would have missed. I would not say that all challenges are great, but either way you feel great after you have outcome an obstacle or if things have actually gone smoothly, as planned.

Since the winter of 2019 I have been the team lead of the Engineering Services team in Tartu. Having a chance to build a new team from scratch has been challenging in several areas, such as leadership, recruitment and definitely general planning. Luckily, I got to use the knowledge, including what I had learned from my previous managers. I have particularly enjoyed the process of forming a new team. By now I would say, that leading the team is kind of like leading yourself: taking care of the responsibilities and ensuring the wellbeing are important for both. The valuable wisdom that has helped me so far is to focus on the things that you are supposed to do and see communication as a key for solving different situations.

I plan to continue my career in the aviation industry and I enjoy working in Finnair, as it embraces all the important values I share in my life as well. I feel that the company gives the basis for strong and successful growth, either it’s on individual or corporate level.

Mait Kaaver, Travel Retail Management Team Lead

I have come a long way from where I started only just a couple of years ago. I joined the company in the Summer of 2016 as a Summer Talent. In that position I was helping the Travel Retail team during the Summer period, but when the Summer ended I was offered to stay in the team as an Accounting Specialist, which I of course accepted. After about a year I became the expert of my team which gave me even more opportunities to learn and put my skills to test.

My interest for the company was due to the industry – I studied aviation management in Estonian Aviation Academy. Even though my role in the company is bit different from my curriculum, I can still utilize the knowledge I gained during the studies and learn more about aviation every day. Now I am working as a Team Lead in the Travel Retail Management team. Our team reconciles all the Finnair onboard sales made by the flight crew.

In addition to my daily and project related tasks in Travel Retail, I have participated in different development projects and I am also one of our ambassadors helping to organize company events and bring to life other ideas that might bring something new and exciting to Finnair Business Services. I would say that this is probably one of the coolest things about working in FBS – being able to contribute with your own thoughts and often also realize them in real life, thus having a positive effect for the whole company and the group as well. FBS truly is a perfect platform for starting your career – it favors the bold and enthusiastic individuals who dare to have an open mind and wish to make a difference.

Margred Kõima, Cargo Capacity Manager

Before starting in FBS I had held mainly temporary positions as Summer jobs – Advertising agent in a small newspaper, Revenue Management & Pricing department’s intern in Estonian Air. Now I have been in FBS for almost three years. I started out as Cargo Capacity Specialist. After a year as a specialist I was chosen for the Cargo Capacity (Team) Manager position. Another year passed and I applied for a temporary position in Finnair headquarters in Vantaa and was lucky to get it. Whilst writing my story, I am back in Tartu but will soon move to Finland again to continue my job as Business Manager in Finnair Cargo there.

My current role supports being a team player, which I definitely am. My mind works best when I can share ideas and have discussions with others. My team has lively vibes and people work with each other comfortably. The key is to be friendly, support each other and to have an agile mindset!

When it comes to Finnair Group, I’m confident to say that the options for development are extremely good. If you read the story from the beginning, you know what I mean. However, it is important to keep your eyes open about the vacancies and talk about your development wishes to your manager. It is not as impossible as you would think.

The work itself might not always feel just easy and smooth, I have had my moments of doubt can I succeed, and really needed to step out from the comfort zone. Luckily, I have learned things do go just fine in the end of the day and I am pleased I have had the chance to face various challenges. Also, I really enjoy always when having managed to finalize a bigger task!

In general, I like to improve the ways of working. We have constant development projects in FBS, which is like a breath of fresh air for me.

I feel I have been fortunate to grow and develop quite a lot in FBS. I am very happy to be working for an airline and especially for Finnair.